4 types of luggage bags that will keep your travel woes at bay

  • 20 September 2018

Traveling nowadays has become a regular affair with so many people wanting to go for that much-awaited vacation destination. It could be a weekend getaway, a family trip, a solo sojourn, a business trip, a group escapade or simply a relaxation and a recreational adventure. One essential thing, however, that you must give great importance to is the luggage that you would be carrying along while on the move. There are, however, some basic considerations which you can keep in mind while selecting the right type of luggage bags that would help you travel light and without any worries. Things such as design, quality, durability, warranty, zippers, wheels and handles must not be ignored.

Browse through these four types of luggage bags and get set to make heads turn!

Trolley Bags

Most travelers love using trolley bags as they are the most versatile kind of luggage. The trolley bags are loved as they have enough space so that users can pack their things in an organized way and also easily carry it! You can move the bag in all directions, and these are available in all sizes and colors. The best part is that these days the wheeled bags are available in various peppy colors and quirky designs making them look very stylish! If you have one in boring black or blue color then add some fun stickers or colorful travel tags to pop them up.

Duffel bags

If trolleys aren’t your thing, then a stylish duffel bag is a perfect option. Gone are the days when duffel bags were considered as gym bags! Today, these bags are equally used both for pepping up the fashion quotient as well as for their great usability. The duffle bags have the right amount of space to carry enough items and have a simple cylindrical design with a zipper and sturdy straps. The best part is that they are available in different sizes and various materials like leather, canvas, synthetic fiber, etc. The Duffel bags are sleek and stylish and are perfect for casual and weekend trips.

Women’s designer small and carry-on tote bags

Many women while traveling swear by carry-on tote bags, especially when going sightseeing to keep essential items handy. The best part is that the Carry-on tote-bags are ideal for those who want to chic and stylish. These days these bags come in varied designs and trendy colors that can easily spruce up the whole look. The tote bags are pretty spacious, and you can stash your all necessary items easily in them and go places. These bags are made of various materials, and but it is suggested that you choose a sturdy one that can carry all your belongings with ease.


The ease of carrying them has made Backpacks the most preferred luggage for many travelers as they are easy to carry anywhere. The backpacks that are used for hiking and other adventurous activities come with different designs and more space to accommodate a lot of items. For day trips or sightseeing, the smaller backpacks are just perfect. They look fashionable and are comfortable to carry as they are very lightweight. They come in trendy design and have many compartments to carry essential stuff.

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