4 Motorcycle Routes Every Biker Should Embark

  • 29 July 2018

Four wheels drive the body, two wheels drive the soul! For a biker soul, nothing beats riding a two-wheeler amidst challenging terrains and scenic locales. That rumble of a boxer below, those gentle slaps of cool air on your neck and those pull overs along the highway to have a quick beer is what a biker lives for. So if you are one of those to whom revving of the 4-stroke engine sounds like music to the ears and if hitting the roads just for sheer riding pleasure without caring about the destination truly excites you; then this article is truly meant for you. While you read this, just imagine taking your motorcycle out for a spin on these classic routes across the United States.

Pacific Coast Highway

The highway stretching 1700 miles on US east coast from Astoria, Oregon to San Juan Capistrano, California is probably the undisputed champion among US highways. The scenic drive along the winding, oscillating Pacific Coast Highway provides the rider with an option of thrilling sport riding or leisurely cruising. Pristine beaches, towering cliffs, redwood forests, rustic seaside towns and world class dining greet you as you zoom across this world famous road. Some of the ideal pit-stops on this road include the Olympic Peninsula, rustic Big Sur, Malibu’s beaches, San Francisco and San Diego.

Natchez Track Parkway

The best part about the two-lane Natchez Track Parkway in Tennessee is that it prohibits commercial traffic, making the motorcyclists feel like they own this road while they traverse through it. The Parkway is 444 miles of exotic scenery coupled with 10,000 years of North American history; where you can zoom past civil war battlegrounds, Spanish moss laden trees and ghost towns. There is a speed limit of 50mph, but we bet, you would not complain and actually end up enjoying the cruise on this scenic route.

Going-To-The-Sun Road

Cutting through Montana’s Glacier National Park, this often snow-covered road stretches approximately 50 miles. It took the visitors several days to get through the park before the completion of this road; a journey which now takes only 2 hours, highlighting the dimensions and contortions of this scenic pathway. Pull over at one of Glacier National parks campgrounds to witness the most spectacular scenery the park offers. Watch out for horn sheep and mountain goats while you cruise here. 

Route 66

Famous as the “Mother of All Roads”, Route 66 stretches 2200 miles and crosses 8 states, all the way from Chicago to Santa Monica on west coast. Just sit back and cruise on this open road and don’t mind being overtaken by trains and trucks. From quick roadside attractions to Ghost towns, route 66 takes you away from the monotony and gives you a taste of the lesser known, small town America. This one needs to be on every bikers bucket list!


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