10 Must have items while backpacking in Kyrgyzstan

  • 19 November 2019

Kyrgyzstan is a spectacular country in Central Asia and offers visitors some of the world’s best trekking and challenging mountain hikes. A land of nomads, Kyrgyzstan is an ideal destination for the adventurous traveler who loves to explore the lesser known regions on the planet. This friendly landlocked country replete with undulating and rugged mountains, valleys and pristine alpine lakes comes with varying elevations. So if you are planning to go backpacking in this part of the Asian continent, then we have a complete list of packing essentials that would make your trip smooth and unforgettable.


Here are ten must have items that would add to your backpacking adventure in Kyrgyzstan!


Camera gear: Kyrgyzstan is known for rough terrains and elevations giving way to some challenging hiking experience. A versatile and a decent camera gear is something which would enable you to capture landscapes as well as close-ups. Make sure, however, the camera gear is weather resistant so that you are able to cover all the important moments while on the go.


Reusable water bottle: It is important to remain hydrated during your action packed outdoor adventures even in winter. A reusable stainless steel bottle will help you get through strenuous days of trekking. You can refill the bottle as many times as you want to and stay hydrated.


Water Proof Hiking Boots: The weather conditions in Kyrgyzstan during winter time can get extreme which makes it imperative to opt for good quality and sturdy water proof hiking boots. These will help you from getting your feet soggy and wet even while you are trekking in the middle of a torrential downpour.


Weather Proof Jacket: It is always a good idea to stash away a weather proof jacket in your daypack as most of the hiking trips in Central Asia during winter witness hail storms, rains and sometimes small blizzards.


Toiletry Bag: Having all your toiletries and other essentials kept neatly in a hanging toiletry bag is really helpful. This way you can organize your stuff and make it accessible when sufficient space is not available.


Portable Flashlight: Another important addition to your travel kit is a portable flashlight as the remote villages and yurt camps in Kyrgyzstan are not well lit after the sun sets. A portable flashlight will always come in handy making your trip all the more safe and easy.


Travel Adapter: While traveling you will always need to power up your electronic gadgets and this is where a travel adapter will play a crucial role. If you are planning to stay away from the bigger cities, getting access to an electrical outlet in the form of a battery pack or travel adapter is definitely a must have.


Odor resistant wool under layers: While you are exploring Kyrgyzstan during winter, do make sure to keep yourself warm and cozy. Carry wool under layers as these are the basics that you would require while traveling in the country.


Water purification tablets: Though tap water is usually potable in Central Asia, it is always better to purify the water that you find along the way while camping or hiking.


Sleeping Bag Liner: If you want a comfortable and a sound sleep at night while camping or staying in a yurt, bring along your own sleeping bag or an easy to pack travel sheet.



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