10 jaw-dropping images that will sway you to visit the Middle East right away!

  • 21 June 2019

From the history-soaked architectural wonders and culture-dipped multicultural cities dotted with endless bazaars of spices to the warm hospitality of the Bedouins, and from the glorious landscapes of the mighty Sahara desert to the hypnotic natural splendor of the Dead Sea, the sprawling transcontinental region of the Middle East centered on Western Asia, is replete with chock-full of miracles. Whether you want to explore the amazing cityscapes, architectural grandeurs, pristine beaches, exciting activities, world-class shopping malls, ultimate luxury of the western world and the cultural galore in cities like Dubai, Istanbul, and Beirut, or you want to unravel the wilderness in mighty deserts of Sahara and Wadi Rum, the Middle East will soothe your soul and mind. The ancient cities and the cradle of civilizations evident in the scattered remnants of the holy city of Jerusalem, the delicately carved tombs and temples from Petra to Persepolis or fragments of Egypt’s Roman era, the Middle East is a vacationer’s delight.

Here’s our round up of some of the most awe-inspiring gems in the Middle East which will fascinate you to visit these wonders.


Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Feast your eyes with the soaring minarets and the grandeur of the most exquisite Byzantine marvel Hagia Sophia in the backdrop of the gloriously beautiful and culture-soaked Istanbul city.


The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

Marvel at the 4000-year-old massive yet hypnotic tombs built by Egyptian Pharaohs and get enchanted by the intriguing charm of the Sphinx.


Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

If you want to see what opulence looks like, visit Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the most ornate place of worship adorning 96 marble pillars, massive chandeliers crafted with millions of Swarovski crystals and intricate carvings inspired by Persian, Mughal and Moorish architectures.


Burj al Arab, Dubai

Experience royalty in Burj al Arab, the iconic vast-sailed shaped Dubai landmark and see how the scintillating cityscape of Dubai looks like from the world’s tallest building.


The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Visit the stirring symbol of two of the world’s major religions to feel the divine aura and bask in the glory of its architectural splendor.


Rose City, Jordan

Get besotted by the beautiful Rose city, the rock-cut capital city of the Nabateans, adorning hand-hewn caves, temples, and tombs carved from blush pink sandstone in the high desert of Jordan revealing an extraordinary civilization.


Raouche, Beirut

Bask in the beauty of Raouche, timeless symbol of Beirut rising from the sea and enjoy a stroll its scenic promenade around the Mediterranean Coast or savor some Lebanese delicacies in any of its countless seaside cafes.


Pigeon Valley, Turkey

Nothing spells beauty of the Middle East like the ethereal charm of Pigeon Valley in Cappadocia does with unique fairytale landscapes and surreal collection of unusual honeycomb geological formations.


Burdah Rock Bridge, Jordan

Explore through the sweeping- red sand dunes of the Wadi Rum in a camel tour and climb the summit of the towering Burdah arches to see the extraordinary desert landscape from above.


Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt

Immerse yourself into the brilliance of the Karnak Temple embellished with a vast mix of corroded temples, sanctuaries, kiosks, pylons, and obelisks to witness the glory of pharaohs.

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