10 Fairytale Villages that’ll Intrigue You to Visit UK’s Countryside Now!

  • 05 March 2020

The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s most stunning villages embellished with medieval architecture, cobbled streets, idyllic stone cottages, beautiful coastline, quaint pubs, and scenic beauty, which offer a perfect fairytale escapade.


Let’s take a look at some of the most picturesque villages in the UK to know why it’s said that the real beauty of the UK lies in its countryside.


Cotswold village, Gloucestershire

Soaked in rich history, most exceptional architectural grandeur, rolling hills, intriguing museums, magnificent Victorian church, and beautiful yellow limestone houses lining the streets, the Cotswold village offers a perfect setting of an archetypical English countryside.


Staithes, North Yorkshire coast

Dotted with pantile-roofed cottages along the hillside and intertwining narrow lanes and the cobbled street leading to rugged yet scenic coastline, Staithes is a culture-soaked gorgeous fishing village bound to charm your socks off.


Llangollen town, North Wales

Nestled on the banks of the River Dee, surrounded by picturesque rolling hills and lush green countryside, taking a stroll along the scenic Victoria Promenade or enjoying a picnic in the Riverside Park in Llangollen will sweep you off your feet.


Blanchland, Northumberland

Spanning across the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Blanchland is famed as one of England’s prettiest villages adorning impressive woodlands and open moors, giving it wild and postcard-perfect landscapes.


Wimborne Minster, Dorset

Located on the banks of the Rivers Stour and Allen, Wimborne Minster's charming historic market, intriguing historical marvels, the gracious Minster Church along with the Dorset’s quintessential stunning countryside is enough to keep anyone rapt.


Port Isaac, North Cornwall Coast

The entwining streets of this scenic village adorned with beautiful timeworn cottages and distinctive Cornish houses located along the stunning North Cornish coastline, many of which are famed for architectural importance, will give you the perfect fairytale experience.


Ironbridge, Shropshire

The birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ironbridge is the world’s first cast-iron bridge spanning over the River Severn. It’s an absolute delight to stroll through this iconic landmark and its idyllic surroundings, offering a tranquil backdrop and traces of the bygone Industrial Heritage.


Burnsall, North Yorkshire

Surrounded by rolling fells and rugged moors, Burnsall is one of the prettiest villages in the Dales. The sweeping countryside views, exquisite five arch bridge of natural stone, a magnificent square church tower, and quaint pubs, shops, and galleries lining the scenic streets offer a perfect mix of rustic charm and tranquility.


Corton Denham, Somerset

The remarkable ancient settlement blessed with an unspoiled rolling countryside aura, exquisite stone cottages lining the streets, and quaint pubs, with its quintessential timeless charm intact, is a perfect backdrop to treat your eyes and soul with supreme scenic beauty.


Shaftesbury, Dorset

Draped in an incredible history back to Saxon time, this gorgeous small market town tucked away between northern Dorset and west of Salisbury offers magnificent views of the Blackmore Vale. Known to be England’s most photographed cobbled street epitomizing archetypal English set up is well worth experiencing.


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