10 Expert Tips to Save on Thanksgiving Flights

  • 22 June 2018

10 Fun Facts You Don’t Know About Thanksgiving


Every fourth Thursday of November ushers in gala Thanksgiving celebrations for the American families when they gather at the dinner table to feast on sumptuous turkey meat and watch football. But Thanksgiving is not just about food, it also serves as a great family bonding exercise. So if you want to be the star at the Thanksgiving dinner table, we have rounded up 10 little known and interesting facts for you. Be subtle to rant up these facts during the thanksgiving discussions and surprise your loved ones with your knowledge. Hush, we would keep this a secret!

Thanksgiving wasn’t supposed to be a feast-but a fast

Yes, you read that right. The early American settlers thanked the Gods for their first harvest by praying and abstaining from food. This is how it was supposed to continue until the Wampanoag Indians came to the shores and entirely flipped the tradition. They turned the fast into a three-day feast and that’s how we got lucky!

Thanksgiving and the tradition of watching football

In the first year of its inception itself, the American National Football League (NFL) started the Thanksgiving classic games sensing the crowd’s interest and its potential to become a hit. Since then the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions have hosted each other alternatively and the fiasco reaches millions of US homes every Thanksgiving day.

Turkey didn’t even feature on the menu at the first Thanksgiving feast

Yes, they probably ate pumpkins and cranberries at the first thanksgiving.

The first Thanksgiving didn’t feature forks

Spoons and knives was all they had at that time. Forks weren’t even invented then and become a popular utensil only in the 18th century.


There were no balloons at the initial Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

The hugely popular parade made its debut in 1924. While the annual New York City extravaganza is now all about balloons, you’ll be surprised to know that the first one didn’t feature any. They used something fancier though back then: the Central Park Zoo animals!


The Turkey’s Presidential Pardon

Each year, one turkey gets lucky and is spared from going under the knife by the US president. President Truman started this tradition in 1947. Courage, the latest 45-pound Turkey pardoned by President Obama at the last Thanksgiving is already a star and now serves as the Grand Marshal of Disneyland’s Thanksgiving Day parade.


46 million turkeys are cooked every year for Thanksgiving

Apart from the one turkey that gets lucky to be pardoned, about 46 million others end up on the dinner tables around the country.

230 grams of fat is what you might end up consuming during the Thanksgiving meal

Now we don’t want to play spoilsports here, but you would end up consuming two to three times the calories and fat at the Thanksgiving dinner than what you normally do. But, this is just a fact, a fact that you can very well ignore.

Thanksgiving is responsible for the First TV Dinner

After an employee’s goof-up back in 1953, Swanson ended up with 260 tons of surplus turkey meat. They actually turned the supposedly crisis like situation to their advantage by freezing and packaging the turkey meat and organizing the first mass-market TV dinner.


Thanksgiving actually became a holiday 200 years after its inception

The great President Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863 after being convinced by the “Mary had a little lamb” singer, Josepha Hale. Hale struggled for 17 years during her campaigns before they actually bore fruit.

Armed with all these interesting facts, we are sure you would be the star at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner table!



10 Expert Tips to Save on Thanksgiving Flights


Thanksgiving is around the corner and you definitely would want to be with your family and friends to celebrate the day with pomp and surprises. It is that time of the year when you count your blessings and share a sumptuous meal with your near and dear ones. Sharing that moment of elation with family is priceless. There is, however, a very slim chance of getting cheap thanksgiving airline tickets if you keep waiting for the right time to make Thanksgiving flight reservations. It is essential that you go for Thanksgiving flight booking well in advance and avail discount Thanksgiving flights to save as much as you can. No matter what your Thanksgiving getaway, getting hold of cheap Thanksgiving flights can be a little tricky. Here are ten expert tips that will help you save on Thanksgiving flights this season.

Be flexible as far as timing goes

It is usually observed that Thanksgiving travelers start their vacation just the day before Thanksgiving and come back on the following Sunday. This makes Thanksgiving airline tickets more expensive. Try to be flexible and fly earlier or later in the week. If you make Thanksgiving flight reservations on Thanksgiving Day itself, you will save a lot of money.

Consider other airports

While traveling from one city to another, look for a regional airport rather than a major hub. Even if it means traveling that extra distance to the regional airport, it is well worth it. Smaller airports will charge fewer taxes and other fees which will eventually help bring down your Thanksgiving airline ticket prices. To add to that, the flight delays will be less, the waiting lines would be smaller and you would save some bucks while enjoying an easy journey.

Opt for two one-way Thanksgiving flights

It also makes more sense to make one-way Thanksgiving flight booking rather than a round-trip flight. Look for different airlines for each flight as opting for two different Thanksgiving flights and booking two one-way Thanksgiving airline tickets turns out to be cheaper as against booking one round-trip Thanksgiving airline ticket with the same airline. You can even mix and match different Thanksgiving Flights with different airlines which will again help you save money.

Book individual tickets for groups

if you happen to be traveling together as a family or a large group, book your Thanksgiving airline tickets individually. This will fetch you a much lower price even if it means that you and your family members end up sitting in different seats on board.

Look out for Thanksgiving Flight Coupons and discounts

There is one more important point to consider while making your Thanksgiving flight bookings. Check online and see if the airline you are travelling with is offering its customers any discounts. Look for the possibility of any coupon deals that the airline might be giving out while booking your Thanksgiving airline tickets.

Book well in advance

You must always try to book your Thanksgiving flights as soon as possible. As you get closer to the Thanksgiving Day, the prices start soaring like anything. There is a high demand for cheap Thanksgiving airline tickets and that gets reflected in the prices.

Do not miss the fine print on your airfare before booking

Make sure that you read between the lines while booking your Thanksgiving flights irrespective of the airline that you choose to fly with. There are a lot of hidden costs which the airline will charge you for priority boarding, seat selection, checked baggage and sometimes even for carry-on luggage.

It helps to sign up for Thanksgiving airfare alerts and notifications

If you want to constantly keep a track of Thanksgiving airfares, signing up for fare alerts is the best bet. This will help you remain alert as far as airfares reduction is concerned and you will be able to get to know immediately when the prices for your preferred airlines go down.

Making good use of frequent flyer miles or credit card points

Check with the airlines if they are running frequent flyer programs or credit cards travel loyalty rewards. You can make use of these credit card rewards and airline miles to save on your Thanksgiving flights.

Choose the right time of the day for traveling

When booking your Thanksgiving flights, try to avoid the peak business travel hours as the prices are usually at their peak during these times. You will be able to get hold of cheap Thanksgiving flights early in the morning, during the day or late evening.

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