10 escapes for the remaining 10 months in 2019

  • 28 February 2019

The first two months of 2019 are gone. If you haven’t started to keep up with your New Year’s resolution that was to travel, you are still not too late. The next ten months in the year hold ample of opportunities for you. In this blog post, we are offering our two cents. Here is our list of 10 destinations with some of the best travel conditions and activities for the next ten months.


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in March

March is an ideal time to devote yourself to drinking, partying, and learning about new cultures. And this hip city at the southern edge of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula is just the right place for that. The beautiful beaches here host multiple parties and events throughout the month. For some adrenaline rush, you can hit the waters or take a cruise and go further in the sea to enjoy whale watching.


Lake Tahoe, Nevada & California in April

Straddling the borders of two U.S. states, Nevada and California, Lake Tahoe is a stunning freshwater lake. You can visit the large lake in the month of April for it offers panoramic views of the pines and mountain peaks. Nearby you can find multiple resorts with amenities like hot tub and spa. Since the ski season is about to get over in the region, you can also expect low-cost accommodations while ice skating, tubing, dining and shopping still exist in abundance.


Costa Rica in May

With temperature neither too hot nor too cold, May is an ideal month to satiate your wanderlust. Choose the lush jungles of Costa Rica for your outing in the fifth month of the year and get set to adore an assortment of wildlife and indulge in activities like whitewater rafting. It’s also the time when humpback whales migrate through the Osa Peninsula coast sea turtles come ashore in massive groups to nest at Tortuguero.


Edmonton, Canada in June

If you are planning a getaway in June, go to Edmonton. The capital city of Alberta, Canada – Edmonton boasts of warm and comfortable weather and hosts a wide selection of activities and festivals. The acclaimed Freewill Shakespeare Festival starts around the middle of the month and features multiple plays, films, musical events, parades, beer gardens and more. Besides, the shopping and dining opportunities in the city are also plenty.


Greenland in July

When the summer season is in full swing, Greenland serves as a perfect host for globetrotters. At the world’s largest island you can not only beat the heat but also sail between icebergs, watch whales, seals and other wildlife and spend hours admiring the scenic views. Off the ocean, Greenland also boasts of incredible dog sledding, hiking, biking, and camping opportunities.


Maui, Hawaii in August

Beautiful sandy beaches for some excellent family time, winds and waves for windsurfing and paddle boarding, and eateries to savor some of the finest seafood – Maui, Hawaii makes for a fine escape in August. Besides, you can explore the historic Lahaina Town that features an amazing collection of shopping, dining, and entertainment venues. You can also ditch the peak-season crowd by visiting Maui in August and thus can take advantage of cheap accommodation charges.


Mexico City, Mexico in September

If you wish to escape the scorching summers, Mexico City with its mild temperature and plenty of traveler opportunities can be an apt destination for you. It rains a little in the stylish Mexican city but that is in no way going to be a trouble for you. Along with featuring a wide range of museums, musical concerts, and other indoor and outdoor activities the city is also very safe and friendly.


Bhutan in October

This delightful Himalayan Kingdom is a gem for travelers. Once you are within its borders, you can adore the views of its serene mountains, beautiful temples and monasteries, and lush valleys and forests. And above all, you get to see clear skies and feel the cool mountain air in the month of October.


Buenos Aires, Argentina in November

When most of the world starts to experience chilly winds, Buenos Aires in November boasts of spring-like weather. The dry and comfortable days allow you to explore its vibrant districts, savor the local flavors, and spend hours at the waterfront. Luck is on your side if you love wines for the city features some of Argentina’s finest wines such as Malbec and Torrontes.


Krabi, Thailand

If you wish to finish the year with a lasting travel experience, visit Krabi. The city on the southwest coast of Thailand is diverse and dynamic and features everything the country is known for – white sand beaches, aqua blue waters, great food, and amiable locals. Also, the city of Krabi is surprisingly affordable.

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